New R2CORBA release (1.2.1) upcoming

New R2CORBA release (1.2.1) upcoming
Added by Martin Corino about 7 years ago

We’re preparing a new release of R2CORBA in the coming few weeks.
This release will among other improvements contain fixes for all the issues in the OSPortal issue list:

The new release will be compatible with the latest release of TAO (2.1.5), MRI Ruby 1.8.7 (p371), MRI Ruby 1.9.3 (p286), JRuby (1.7.0) and JacORB (3.1).
Also the RIDL frontend is updated to the latest version which is now also used to front the IDL compiler for the new CORBA IDL C++11 mapping we’re developing at Remedy IT.

If you have any more issues you want to have us take a look at, now is the time to let us know .